Competitive Scholarship Program

We put our mission and vision into practice through our Competitive Scholarship Program that we launched in 2016.

Annual Scholarship Application opens in February and closes in March every year.

Freshman Scholarship – $2,500 Full-Time Students (for high school seniors)

Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarship – $5,000 Full-Time / $2,500 Part-Time Students

Applicants must be a US citizen or permanent resident and live in the Chicagoland area OR be attending a college in the Chicagoland area.*

*Applicable regions include the following zip codes: 60000-61999, 62300-62399, 62500-62799, 46300-46499

NEW This Year – Named Scholarships

We are thrilled to announce that due to 3 named scholarship donations, CSFS will be able to provide 3 additional scholarships. If your organization would like to donate to our scholarship program, please contact us.

Columbus Vegetable Oils donated $5,000 towards an additional scholarship opportunity for a current undergraduate or graduate student.

IFANCA donated $2,500 towards an additional scholarship opportunity for a freshman applicant. IFANCA donated an additional $2,500 for $500 awarded to 5 juniors at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences to pay for college application fees and visits.

Illinois Soybean Association donated $4,000 towards an alternate scholarship opportunity for a current graduate student. The total scholarship awarded will be $5,000 and includes an opportunity to publish.

2021 Scholarship Recipients Tell Their Stories

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