Candice Mazewski

School: University of Illinois
Degree: Food Science and Human Nutrition

  1. School/University and current year entering the 2017 semester
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 3rd year PhD student
  2. Academic advisor(s):
    Dr. Elvira de Mejia
  3. Degree/Major/Research focus:
    Inhibitory potential of anthocyanin-rich plant extracts on colorectal cancer (more generally: diet and cancer)
  4. How did you choose your area of study?
    Since a young age, I’ve been greatly interested in food and nutrition and especially interested in fruits and vegetables. My father’s diagnosis of colorectal cancer in 2015 ignited my passion to study diet and cancer. He passed away in November of 2016, which motivates me everyday to continue researching in hopes of helping colorectal cancer patients and their families.
  5. How has this scholarship helped you?
    This scholarship has enabled me to continue my education and research because it provided me with the funding necessary to pursue my PhD. I originally came back to school planning to get my MS but as my passion grew for the field and for my research I decided to stay for my PhD, so this scholarship has greatly contributed to the costs of school that I hadn’t originally planned for.
  6. What is your favorite class this semester and why?
    My favorite class this semester is Basic Toxicology. As my research focuses on cancer, it is important to understand how chemotherapy and targeted therapy drugs used in colorectal cancer treatment impact the body and how these substances are acted on by the body. The topics have been very interesting and pertinent to the development of my research.

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