2019 Board Membership Nominations

Supporting the Advancement of Food Science Professionals

The Chicagoland Food Science Foundation(CFSF) is the foundation of Chicago Section of the Institute of Food Technologists.  It is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to develop, promote and support the current and next generation of food and beverage industry professionals through scholarship programs.  Our vision is to strengthen the science of food within the Chicagoland food and beverage industry to address ever growing global needs.

CFSF has recently completed a Strategic Investment plan covering the next three years and is looking for outstanding individuals who want to support and strengthen the future of the Food Science industry by impacting the lives of students.  We have identified numerous growth opportunities and need qualified, passionate new Board members to help lead us to our future.  We have three potential openings for the 2019-2020 term.

Call for Board Membership – Candidate Qualifications

Candidatesneed not be food industry professionals but should care passionately about the future of food and want to be a catalyst for change.  Board members do not need to be members of IFT.  Candidates should want to strongly engage in the efforts of the Foundation to spread our impact on students attending or living in the major zip code areas of Chicago. 

We are specifically looking for candidates who have expertise in:

  • marketing,
  • fundraising,
  • business development,
  • investment portfolio management,
  • strategic thinking and
  • social media skills. 

Additional qualities sought include:

  1. Encourages accountability: be able to reinforce a culture of accountability among board members and values the necessity of delegating the implementation of tasks to committee members.
  2. Strategic decision maker: be a future focused thinker and make the time to lead discussions about the future.
  3. Contacts and collaboration: not only have the contacts in the industry but be able to collaborate with contacts or gain support for events and meetings.

Board Member Expectations

Board members serve a 3-year term – September-August.  The board meets monthly September – June usually via conference call.  Board members are expected to attend a minimum of two-thirds of all scheduled board meetings – six of the nine meetings – for approximately one hour.

Each board member is also expected to lead or be a member of at least one CFSF committee.  The current committees include; Audit, Finance, Fundraising, Giving, Marketing/Communications.  There are sub-committees under several of the committees such as the annual golf outing is a subcommittee of Fund-Raising.  Additional committees or temporary task forces may be developed, i. e. Governance, Investment, Long-Range planning.

In addition, we are looking for candidates who:

  1. Believe in and be an active advocate and ambassador for the values, mission and vision of the organization.
  2. Will work with fellow board members to fulfill the obligations of board membership.
  3. Prepare for meetings by reviewing materials and bringing the materials to meetings.
  4. Stay informed about the organization, its issues, and its connection to the community.
  5. If applicable, will help support the charitable contributions operation of the organization (e.g., donations and/or fundraising).
  6. As appropriate, will use personal and professional contacts and expertise to benefit the organization.
  7. Will work in partnership with and respect the authority of the organization’s leadership staff.

How to Apply

Complete the Google Form on or before 5 PM July 31, 2019. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Job title:
  3. Organization:
  4. Email:
  5. Phone:
  6. 100-word bio
  7. 100-words on why you’d like to join serve as a board member / what you will contribute
  8. Identify a potential committee of interest
  9. Share volunteer experience
  10. Anything else you’d like to share

Questions?  Contact Board Chair Laura Saran at laura@ljsfoodsolutions.com

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