Kristen Yi

School: Cornell University
Degree: Food Science

  1. School/University and current year entering the 2017 semester
    Cornell University – Senior
  2. Academic advisor(s):
    Dr. John Brady
  3. Degree/Major/Research focus:
    Food Science B.S.
    I am also completing research with Dr. Carl Batt in his Protein Engineering & Expression of Recombinant Immunotherapeutics lab. My projects focus on consulting research with local companies to identify potential Listeria, coliforms, and/or yeast and mold contamination through DNA sequencing.
  4. How did you choose your area of study?
    As an avid reader of food blogs, I learned about the field of food science through a baking blog I was reading my senior year of high school. The blog, called Scientifically Sweet (, features scientifically broken-down recipes by an author, who is a Canadian food scientist working in product development for R&D. After contacting the author who was nice enough to tell me what her day-to-day activities were like, I starting looking more in-depth about studying food science and have been interested in the field ever since.
  5. How has this scholarship helped you?
    Having worked multiple jobs throughout my undergraduate years, this scholarship has helped me tremendously with the cost of tuition. Through the generous funds provided by CSIFT, I have been able to use more of my income from my part-time jobs towards various living expenses while attending school out-of-state.
  6. What is your favorite class this semester and why?
    So far, I have two favorite classes this semester — Food Chemistry II and Food Processing (Unit Ops & Packaging). From a theoretical standpoint, I find Food Chemistry II really interesting as we are learning about the chemistry behind everyday food commodities, like fruits/vegetables and proteins. Contrastingly, I find Food Processing (Unit Ops & Processing) very interesting as it is applicable to industry from a manufacturing standpoint, which I find especially helpful to learn about in class after completing a product development internship with General Mills and a food safety quality assurance internship with Panda Restaurant Group.

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